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TWIN TWISTER Salt And Pepper Crusher TWIN TWISTER Salt And Pepper Crusher
TWIN TWISTER Salt And Pepper Crusher $20.99 $29.39
One and only TWIN TWISTER Salt And Pepper.. It's a SINGLE CRUSHER WITH DUAL PURPOSE !!Why buy two separate mills for salt and pepper when you can actually BUY 1 & GET 2 ? That is right, buy only one TWIN TWISTER and get both, a Salt And Pepper Crusher..Get 2 purposes solved from this 2 in 1 gadget that you usually get from your two separate and ordinary Salt and Pepper mills .. This is one single crusher of it's kind with dual purpose, one side crushes the Salt and other side crushes the Peppers..!! Have the convenience of picking up 2 Crushers at 1 time, that is 1 container with 2 built-in spaces and functions for Salt as well as Peppers!  So easy to use, as it clearly shows with an arrow to Turn either to S for Salt or P for Pepper and with just one Twist this Twin Crusher will crush both salt and pepper , without you ever putting it down.. Serve soup, pasta or pizza to your family with freshly crushed Salt and Pepper to enhance the flavors..  It has a setting to crush it as fine or as coarse as you like.. then return it to it's place and you are saving the counter space too as you are storing only one Crusher instead of the usual two separate mills..  Add style to your gourmet kitchen as it can also  match with all your other appliances like the stove, the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher.. You can fill it with other spices as well and the  transparent container tells you easily what it contains and it's level so you can refill it before it is out..   You will have a "Crush" on your TWIN TWISTER..! A must have for your Up To Date Kitchen and great choice made for modern family.. DETAILS: Made of durable stainless steel.  It comes as 2 in 1 Crusher, making it easy to pour Salt & Pepper in same Crusher and still keep them sorted. Easy to fill and refill and easy to use with S and P indicators. Manual operation, No batteries required. Settings for as coarse or fine as you needed. Turn right for fine , turn left for coarse. Space saver and Durable to last long. Great as a housewarming gift.
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Blue Butterfly Wood Serving Tray Blue Butterfly Wood Serving Tray
Blue Butterfly Wood Serving Tray $46.99 $65.79
Pretty wooden tray features a weathered finish and a blue butterfly design. The walls of the tray are finished in blue and feature easy-grip cutout handles. Also can be used as a beautiful display for jewelry or decor items, or just by itself. 1.2 pounds. 16 x 12.2 x 2 inches tall. Fir wood and MDF wood.Specifications:- Length: 16.0 in, Width: 12.25 in, Height: 2.0 in
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Silver Circles 12-inch Mirror Tray Silver Circles 12-inch Mirror Tray
Silver Circles 12-inch Mirror Tray $56.99 $79.79
Both decorative and functional, this mirrored metal tray is an elegant accent piece. Its modern appearance is perfect for organizing special items on a vanity or as a decorative accent on a table. 2 pounds. 12 inches in diameter x 2.5 inches tall. Iron and glass.Specifications:- Length: 12.0 in, Width: 12.0 in, Height: 2.5 in
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Steel Chillers - The Stainless Steel Food Grade Ice Cubes for Cocktails Steel Chillers - The Stainless Steel Food Grade Ice Cubes for Cocktails
Steel Chillers - The Stainless Steel Food Grade Ice Cubes for Cocktails $25.99 $36.39
Party Time Drink Mixer recipe that even James will love.Mix your favorite cocktails in the cocktail shaker, give it a good shake (do not stir). Now take out your freezer storage tray from the fridge. Pick up a few STEEL CHILLERS with the tong and throw them into the deep Champagne goblets. Pour your cocktail and garnish with Lemon peels or Olives. Got it? Cheers!Enjoy the same flavor till the last drop, your drink will not be diluted now as you have used STEEL CHILLERS instead of melting ice! Reuse the Steel Chillers every time for Margaritas, Sangrias, Mojitos and Juices and never worry about your choice of beverage watering down again.• 6 Stainless steel food grade cubes.• A Freezer Tray to store and serve the steel cubes.• A Stainless Steel Serving Tong.• Very ideal for Entertaining.
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CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter
CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter $16.99 $23.79
Life is a bowl of cherries. Well we all have heard that but the pits in the cherries really make it hard to enjoy them. Spiting the pits out is the major reason why we avoid eating them and cannot enjoy them socially. Until now. The CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter is here to change it all. Now we can enjoy cherries in a whole new and better way. Gone are the days when we tried to take the pits out with a paper clip, the way grandma taught us. Well Grandma it did the job, thank you but the juice was all over and it did not look all that appetizing. With the CHA CHA CHA Cherry Pitter, we now have the cleanest and easiest way to pit cherries just take a cherry, place it in position on the holder, press and Voila! The pit gets separated without much effort and you get the most delicious and juicy cherries to enjoy, without the mess and the pits of course!  Let’s do the happy dance of CHA CHA CHA while pitting the cherries and have a bowl full of sweet, ripe and juiciest cherries to enjoy with our family. ** Also can be used for Olives to enjoy pitted Olives, which can be stuffed with Jalapenos, Blue cheese, Garlic and more***   Details: Pit or stone Cherries and Olives. Easy to use. Hand wash, dishwasher safe too.  It comes in Olive Green and Purple colors.
-29% sale
Urban Bar Tumblers In Hand Hammered Copper
Urban Bar Tumblers In Hand Hammered Copper $21.99 $30.79
Rich and cool...These copper tumblers are hand-hammered on the outside and they have stainless steel interior... They are a novelty and feel like a luxury when you serve cool drinks in them to your friends while having a celebration, even plain and simple water feels fresh and sweet when served in them!Collect the whole set for your formal dining table or get more for your Urban Bar!DETAILS: The double-lined tumblers are made of hand-hammered pure Copper on the exterior and high-grade Stainless Steel on the interior. It keeps any beverage cooler for a longer period of time. Perfect for cocktails, mocktails, and fruit-infused water. Each tumbler holds 12 ounces of liquid. Great for parties and everyday use. Get more, sold individually.
-29% sale
Tailgate Buddy Bottle Opener And Collector Tailgate Buddy Bottle Opener And Collector
Tailgate Buddy Bottle Opener And Collector $16.99 $23.79
Let the game begin with the easiest bottle opener on the market that you will love and need... Enjoy the game nights with your buddies and turn the get together into a cheerful celebration with your favorite beer... Why keep it bottled up when you can open it up and share, simply put the opener onto the bottle and press the top to pop open the bottle...! Let the good time flowing with this bottle opener and collector... What is more, the metal cap of the bottle sticks to the built-in magnet and collects them to dispose of safely and for fun games or craft projects... You get not one but two bottle openers so no more waiting.  Say cheers to Tailgate Buddy...!!  DETAILS: It measures 5 inches Tall and comes in 2/pack. Made from high-quality Stainless Steel material with a magnet on the inside.  This is an automatic bar tool and does not require any batteries or charging. A simple and space-saving beer bottle opener that will last for years to come. Get more, great for gift giving to your buddies.
-29% sale
Quick Prep Chef's Cutter And Mincer Quick Prep Chef's Cutter And Mincer
Quick Prep Chef's Cutter And Mincer $20.99 $29.39
Make praise-worthy dishes at home with Quick Prep, your Cutter, And Mincer that give a professional look to your daily dishes. One look at this awesome gadget and no need to even read how good it will get working with it. Make the most of your dishes by cutting the prep time in half and doubling that time enjoying your dishes with your family and friends. Cut dough for pasta quickly and mince herbs for soups and salads efficiently. It has six stainless steel blades, that will do all the work for you. All you need to do is hold it firmly and roll it down the rolled out pasta dough to get stripes for lattice pie crust or noodles and roll it in a back and forth motion to mince any herb you can think of including Cilantro, Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, even garlic and more.What more a great chef worth your salt can ask for ?! Get a Quick Prep Chef's Cutter And Mincer for yourself today and thank us later. Details:  It has 6 Stainless Steel cutting blades. Not much effort needed, easy to use with rolling down or back and forth motion. Size fits in the palm of your hand. Hand washes or top-rack dishwasher safe. It comes in Lime Green And Lemon Yellow Colors.
-29% sale
JuiSip Portable Juicer Sip And Go JuiSip Portable Juicer Sip And Go
JuiSip Portable Juicer Sip And Go $32.99 $46.19
The most effective way to feed your body is with nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. Juicing and drinking your fruits and veggies is now made so easy with this portable juicer. Just add your favorite cut fruits or veggies in this juicer and add water or coconut water and double click on the start button to enjoy fresh juices and delicious smoothies! Switch the Cup cap from the juicer to the Sip cap, and drink directly from it on the go. Go to the office, gym, or the park, this portable juicer happily goes with you anywhere as it also fits in the car cup holder easily and conveniently. Look forward to juicing every day, and building a healthier lifestyle. DETAILS: You get 2 caps with every order: Juicer Cap and Sip Cap. The portable juicer is made of BPA Free material. It uses high-quality 304 Stainless Steel blades that rotate 21,000 times per minute. Makes 400 ml juice at a time, ideal for one person. Time-saving, safe and healthy for the entire family. Dustproof magnetic charging port that can be plugged into any USB outlet. Use 10 to 15 times with one full charge. Cleaning is as easy as juicing, add water and click one button to clean it instantly. Cup is dishwasher safe. Great gadget for students living in the dorm room or for anyone on the go. 
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